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Updating Your Business Address and Settings
Updating Your Business Address and Settings

Set your business address, phone number and email

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When you create and setup a new account; your calendar will display a yellow alert notifying you to update your business address. Updating your business address is necessary for scheduler to function properly.

To access Busines settings simply hit the yellow alert or go to settings from the menu and hit "Edit Details" under your business. 

  • Start typing your business address inside "Search Address" box to use Google Address Autocomplete to find your address. Once you select the correct address from the list, all fields will be populated automatically.

  • If Google Address Autocomplete can not locate your address; you can enter your street address, city and zipcode to submit your address manually.

  • Make sure you provide your business phone and email too. 

  • Hit "Save" to record your changes.

TİP: You can always navigate to "Settings" and click "Edit Details" link to update your business address.

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