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Importing Your Contacts to Tint Wiz
Importing Your Contacts to Tint Wiz
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Most CRM and CRM-like apps have some level of import/export capabilities. Most widely used file format for data export is CSV (Comma Seperated Values). 

CSV files might seem intimidating at first, but after you understand their format and how they work, you might decide to use them for a variety of tasks.

You can tap "Import" button on Contacts page in Tint Wiz to upload your CSV file for import. Just like any other app, Tint Wiz requires the CSV file for import to have a certain set of "column names"

Tint Wiz allows you to import your contacts with the following columns:

name (Full Name of contact: John Doe) REQUIRED

company (Company Name of contact: ACME Inc.)

phone (Cell / Mobile phone number of contact: 444-333-2222)

phone2 (Alt. phone / Landline number of contact: 444-333-2222)

email (Email address of contact:

address (Street address of contact: 3200 Bush St.)

address2 (Street address 2nd line of contact: Unit 15)

city (City of contact: Raleigh)

state (State 2 letter abbr. or province of contact: NC)

zipcode (Zip/Postal code of contact: 27609)

year (Vehicle Year of contact: 2022)

make (Vehicle Make of contact: Audi)

model (Vehicle Model of contact: A8)
notes (Notes for this contact: Imported from other CRM)

tags (Comma separated Tags for this contact: Website,Referral,Walk-in)

You can download a sample CSV file here

We recommend opening this file in Google Spreadsheets and entering your contacts. 

Import CSV files into Google Sheets

  1. On the Google Sheets page, click Blank in the Start a new spreadsheet section:

  2. From the Untitled Spreadsheet page, go to File > Import...:

  3. Locate and select the CSV file that you want to edit.

  4. In the Import file dialog, select your preferred options under the Import action, Separator character, and Convert text to numbers and dates sections.

  5. Click Import.

From there you should be able to edit the CSV file and add your contacts. When you are done, go to File > Download > Comma-separated values to download the CSV file to import to Tint Wiz. 

Things to consider when importing contacts to Tint Wiz:

  • Every contact must have a name in Tint Wiz. If there are any lines on your import file that are missing names, they won't be imported.

  • If you upload a file that has invalid column names, it will return an error message and nothing will be imported. This is a precaution to avoid wrong imports.

  • Make sure your address columns are in proper format to allow Tint Wiz to recognize addresses properly. USA, Canada and Mexico states must be entered as 2 letter abbreviations (CA, FL, ON etc.). For other countries state column can hold the full province (largest administrative area) name (East Sussex, Victoria etc.). If your CSV file includes invalid state abbreviations/codes, the import will be aborted to avoid creating contacts with wrong/unrecognizable addresses. If this happens, simply edit your CSV file with Google Spreadsheets to fix the incorrect states. 

  • You can chose to make name and company fields exactly same to display a contact as a "business" in Tint Wiz. However we recommend every contact to have a person name in the system (typically main point of contact for a business) 

  • You can use any format to enter phone numbers and skip country codes. Tint Wiz will use your business country to figure out which country code to use when sending smses. 

  • Different apps may have CSV export files with different kinds of column names. For example your export may have separate "First Name" and "Last Name" column names and not a single "name" field. Or your email field maybe named "E-Mail Address" and not "email". For cases like this you can use Google Spreadsheets to open your CSV file and edit to match the required columns. 

Please don't hesitate to contact support to get help regarding your Import/Export tasks. 

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