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Analytics is important for your business to the extent that making good decisions is. Simply put, if you are trying to bring any significant improvement in your business, then analytics is your best bet to bring about an informed transformation.

Tint Wiz ships with an easy to use but powerful analytics section that is optimized for window tinting businesses. You can access the analytics section with the sidebar menu item on desktop or in main menu on mobile devices. 

At the top of the analytics section you will see a set of buttons to control the analytics datasets you are viewing.

  • Select a date range preset (today, yesterday, last 7 days, last 30 days, this week, this month i.e.) or enter a custom start date and end date to display the data a specific period. You can also select either "previous period" or "previous year" to show detailed comparisons between two ranges.

  • Select a project type to filter datasets. 

  • Select "segments" to display. Most segments show the totals for selected and previous periods in a chart while some segments simply display lists. You can pick up to 12 segments to display in analytics section. 

Example 1 

Above is the "New Leads" segment displaying the total count for the "Last 7 Days" and comparing this total to the previous 7 day period. 

According to this segment; the company entered 125 new contacts into Tint Wiz in the last 7 days but this is 41% lower than the previous 7 days (Likely because of the holiday in June 4th as the chart displays)

Example 2

Above is the "Installations Scheduled" segment showing 1913 new installations entered into the system between April 1st and June 30th and comparing it to the same 3 months period in the last year. 

According to this segment; the amount of installations scheduled increased 341% (from 434 to 1913) for the current year. 

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