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Using Zapier to Integrate Tint Wiz with 2000+ Apps
Using Zapier to Integrate Tint Wiz with 2000+ Apps
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What is Zapier?

Zapier moves info between your web apps automatically, so you can focus on your most important work.

What can I use Zapier for?

Every time when you create a new contact, project, invoice, or proposal; Zapier can pick up data from the new object and push it to an app of your choosing. You can add your new contacts to your Mailchimp campaigns, sync your events to Google Calendar, send your invoices or payments to other invoicing apps, and more.

How to connect with Zapier?

  • Make sure you are logged in with an owner account and switched to the correct business/location.

  • Go to Settings > Integrations > Zapier on your Tint Wiz dashboard or click here

  • Click the Generate API Key button to allow your business to connect to Zapier.

  • Log in to your Zapier account or create a new one here

  • Click here to access Tint Wiz on Zapier (or go to my apps from your Zapier dashboard and search for Tint Wiz.)

  • Finally use your Tint Wiz email, password, and Business API Key to connect your Wiz business to Zapier.


  • You must own a Tint Wiz business to use Zapier integration. Staff accounts are not authorized to use the API.

  • Keep your account credentials and Business API key safe! As a security precaution; Your existing integrations will break if you generate a new Business API key, change your email or reset your password. When you update any of these, you must update your Zapier connection as well for your Zaps to keep functioning.

  • Tint Wiz triggers return new records only. Changing a contact's name after it is pulled by Zapier will not update the record on the integrated app automatically.

  • Use "Filters" between Tint Wiz triggers and other actions to run your zaps for specific records only. For example, add a filter to match only leads coming from your F>acebook lead form create an email autoresponder to leads from Facebook. More info on the Zapier filters.

  • Currently, there are no zap templates available as our integration is in the BETA stage. Tint Wiz triggers include all the details you need to create most integrations you need. In case you have trouble with figuring out which data fields from Wiz to use on your Zaps, get in contact with support via live chat and we'll assist you.

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