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How to Set up an Autoresponder Email/ SMS for new leads using Zapier
How to Set up an Autoresponder Email/ SMS for new leads using Zapier
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To set up a ZAP to create an autoresponder Email / SMS for new lead submissions, you need a Zapier account and you must have Tint Wiz authenticated. If you are new to using Zapier please read this guide first.

1. Create a New Zap in Zapier and for the first step, select Tint Wiz and "New Contact" trigger:

2. For the second zap step, select "Filter". Filter step allows you to only let the zap run when certain conditions are met.

3. Set up the filter step to only continue if the campaign value exactly matches your lead form name.

If you want to send the autoresponder for all lead forms. You can Select "Exists" instead of "Exactly Matches" from the dropdown.

Add a second condition to make sure customer submitted their info. If you'll be sending out an email, set Email to exists. If you're setting up for SMS, select Phone value to Exists.

4. For the third zap step select "Email by Zapier" (or SMS by Zapier if you want to send a text instead)

5. Set up your autoresponder email using the data from the test contact.

For sending an Email: "To" field must be the Email field from the contact.

You can use the contact name and other details in the email subject and body.

See an example below:

6. Save and publish your zap.

7. Submit a test lead to your lead form with your own email to see if the integration is working.

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