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How to record a deposit on a project
How to export customers submitted with a specific lead formLearn how to export your customers from Tint Wiz lead forms
How to Record Invoice Payments ManuallyRecord payments received by cash, wire, check, square, clover, paypal, and any other method into Tint Wiz easily.
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How to manually send a proposal or invoice
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How to Filter Analytics by Project Type
How to Calculate Perimeters (Linear Feet / Metres) on Projects
How to Break Down Flat Glass Proposals by Room
How to Show More Information on Calendar Events
How to upload files to Tint Wiz and use them on your canned proposalsLearn how to create visually appealing proposals using spec sheets, photos, documents
How to Print or Download Work Orders for a Project
Adding Files to your Proposals and Invoices
How to Print or Download Your Calendar
How to Use Contact Tags to Categorize your Customer Base
How to Separate First Name and Last Name on Lead Forms
How to Customize Proposals and include notes, fine print, extra fields
How to Show your Customer Reviews on Proposals
How to embed Youtube videos to Lead Forms
How to Hide "Rooms" From the Top of ProposalsHow to Hide "Rooms" From the Top of Proposals
How to embed a Youtube video on a proposal solution
How to Reset or Change Your Password
How do I delete a duplicate project?
How to Add a Lead Generation Form to Your Website
How to Embed Tint Wiz Lead Form on Builderall Cheetah Website Builder
How to Add Tint Wiz Icon to Your Device's Home Screen
How to Embed Reviews Widget to your Website
Setting up Approval Message and Link for Proposals
Adding Custom Fields to Lead Forms
How to Create a Canned Proposal and Use it in your Projects
How to Set up an Autoresponder Email/ SMS for new leads using Zapier
How to Set Proposals Expired