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How to Record Invoice Payments Manually
How to Record Invoice Payments Manually

Record payments received by cash, wire, check, square, clover, paypal, and any other method into Tint Wiz easily.

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When you receive a payment for an invoice, you can quickly record it into Tint Wiz. You can use this to record cash or check payments as well as any POS (Square, Clover etc.) you use along with Tint Wiz.

- Go to the project overview by tapping the appointment on the calendar or by searching the customer name from the projects page.

- Locate the "Invoice" section on the project. Click the down arrow menu and select "Add Payment":

- Enter the amount, select the payment method and click "Save Payment"

Tip: You can click the button with the total invoice amount without entering it manually.

- Your invoice will be marked paid (or partial depending on the amount) and your project status will be set as "Paid In Full"

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