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How to record a deposit on a project
How to record a deposit on a project
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IMPORTANT: This guide explains how to add a deposit on a project manually. If you need customers to pay a deposit online when they approve a proposal, please check out our guide on Stripe Checkout integration
To record a deposit on a project to be applied to the invoice later follow these steps:

Go to the Invoice section and click the "Add Deposit" button:

Enter the deposit amount, select the payment type, and enter any notes.

You can also click the down arrow next to the amount box and select a percentage to be calculated off of the project price:

Finally, click Save Deposit. The deposit record will be displayed in the invoice section:

You can delete a deposit by clicking the trash can icon to the right. It's possible to add multiple deposits to a project. Each will be applied to the invoice as a separate payment.

When you create an invoice, the deposit amount will be included and automatically applied:

Note: If you are using Quickbooks Online integration, project deposits will sync as payments at the time of invoice creation. If you are required to sync before getting done with the project, create an invoice for the deposit amount.

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