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Stripe Checkout Integration for Online Payments and Proposal Deposits
Stripe Checkout Integration for Online Payments and Proposal Deposits
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Tint Wiz allows you to accept payments on your invoices and deposit payments on your proposals using the secure & compliant checkout system powered by Stripe.

Note: You can find information on Stripe pricing and fees here.

Setup Payments Account:

Make sure you're on a computer, using the OWNER account. If you run multiple locations with Tint Wiz, switch to the business/location you will integrate with Stripe.

Go to Settings > integrations > Stripe or CLICK HERE to set up your Stripe Tint Wiz payments account. You will go through a simple setup and verification process with Stripe.

Invoice Payments

Once your payments account is set up and verified, your invoices are going to have a PAY NOW button automatically:

Note: If you are using Quickbooks Online integration, you can enable Send Tint Wiz Invoices option from settings > configuration "Invoices" section. Your invoices and payments will still keep syncing to QBO.

Proposal Deposits

To request deposits after proposal approval, you can go into a proposal's "settings" and select the deposit amount or percentage:

Note: You can also set the deposit requirement separately for each canned proposal or for all your proposals by default from settings > configuration.

Once set up, your customers will be presented with a button to pay the predetermined deposit amount after approving a proposal:

When a customer pays the deposit, it will be recorded on the project and will be deducted when you create the invoice on that project.

If you have an approval message and link set up on your proposals, it will be displayed AFTER the customer pays the deposit.

If you have any instructions for the customers regarding your scheduling process; you can customize the message that's displayed above the Pay Now button from settings > configuration

If you want to receive notifications when customers pay deposits, you can enable New Payment notification from settings > notifications.

NOTE: We recommend testing your proposal deposit setup by creating a test project and sending yourself a proposal and paying the amount.

Payment Methods

By default your customers can use their credit cards along with Apple Pay and Google Pay to pay their deposits & invoices conveniently.

If you would like to enable more payment methods such as ACH, CashApp, Klarna, Affirm etc. go to your Stripe dashboard and then settings > payment methods and enable the methods you would like to present to your customers.

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