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Creating and Sending Invoices
Creating and Sending Invoices
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Tint Wiz includes several features that will simplify day-to-day tasks for any window tinting businesses. Once you start managing your projects with Tint Wiz; you will be able to invoice your customers with a few simple clicks. 

Invoicing Wiz Projects

Every project has an Invoice section that looks like this:

Click "Manage" to view the invoice editor:

Enter a description and amount and you are done. That's all that's required to create an invoice on Tint Wiz.

Hit "Send" to send the invoice to the customer.

Recording Payments

When you receive a payment from a customer, you would want to record it on the invoice. To do this, tap "Payments" and fill up the very simple payment form:

After you hit "Save Payment" the invoice will reflect the amount you inputted (Partial or Paid):

Quickbooks Integration

Tint Wiz supports automated syncing of your invoices with Quickbooks. Learn more on the article below:

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