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Common Quickbooks Sync Errors and Possible Solutions
Common Quickbooks Sync Errors and Possible Solutions
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If your invoice has failed to generate in your Quickbooks Online account, there may be an error reported by Quickbooks Online to explain why. In Tint Wiz, most of these errors are prefixed with [Quickbooks Error]

Below is a list of most common errors and possible solutions to them:

  • The customer you have specified has been deleted. You cannot create or edit a transaction with a deleted customer.

This error happens when your Tint Wiz contact is previously linked with a Quickbooks customer but the customer record is deleted from Quickbooks end.

You can manually link the Tint Wiz contact with a Quickbooks customer on the Tint Wiz Invoice editor's Quickbooks Customer section. Remove the existing link by clicking "Unlink" button and then you can click "Select Quickbooks Customer to Link" to find and link a QB customer or simply proceed saving the Invoice to create a new customer with the new information.

  • Invalid Reference Id : Customer assigned to this transaction has been deleted. Before you can modify this transaction, you must restore ...

Quickbooks customer that is associated with the invoice/payment is deleted. To resolve this, you can either select a different customer to assign the invoice to from "Quickbooks Customer" section on Tint Wiz invoice editor or re-activate the customer from Quickbooks Online.

  • The name supplied already exists

Quickbooks requires customer names to be unique in their system while Tint Wiz does not have such limitation. Tint Wiz will try to workaround this QBO limitation by adding an incremental suffix like "(2)" to names when needed.

When there are too many repetitions of the same name, you may receive an error message "The name supplied already exists". In that case please modify your Wiz contact name and try again. You can add "2" to the end of the name.

Alternatively you can select which customer to sync from the "Quickbooks Customer" section on invoice editor:

Click "Select Quickbooks Customer to Link" and find the contact from the list provided or by searching through qbo customers to link with the tint wiz contact for invoicing.

  • Business Validation Error: We're sorry, QuickBooks encountered an error while calculating tax. Try reselecting the tax rate or reentering the product/service item and saving the form again.

This error happens when your tax rates on Quickbooks are modified and / or they don't match your settings at Wiz.
If you are using "Automated Sales Tax" on QBO (US companies only), try saving the invoice without selecting a tax rate and the tax will be setup at Quickbooks end automatically based on the location of sale.

If you are manually selecting sales tax when invoicing, make sure your QBO tax rates are setup properly and synced with Tint Wiz. Business owners can manage tax rates in Tint Wiz from settings > configuration > invoices section.

  • Amount is not equal to UnitPrice * Qty

This error may happen because the rounding rules for calculations are different with Quickbooks and Tint Wiz. Check your invoice lines that have multiple quantities and adjust the amount or quantity to make the sync work.

  • Subscription period has ended or canceled or there was a billing problem

This error is returned when your Quickbooks trial or subscription period has ended, cancelled or there was a billing problem. Update your Quickbooks payment information or subscribe to resolve.

  • Invalid Reference Id : Line.SalesItemLineDetail.ItemRef

All sales transactions in QuickBooks must be tied to one or more items (also called product/service). QuickBooks item (product/service) that is used in the invoice may be deactivated. Select another item or re-activate the item from Quickbooks to make the invoice sync.

  • Business Validation Error: Make sure all your transactions have a sales tax rate before you save.

Check if your invoice has a sales tax and if that tax type is linked with the correct tax code in QuickBooks Online from invoices > manage tax rates.

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