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Automated Review Request SMS and Emails
Automated Review Request SMS and Emails

Learn how to send automated follow-up SMS and Emails to your customers to request reviews

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Tint Wiz provides a completely automated way to send SMS and Email review requests to your customers.

How it Works?

  • Setup and enable automated review requests from reviews > settings and select when the review request email/sms to be sent. (See setup below)

  • Add your review sites (google, yelp vb.) from reviews > settings > review sites

  • Customize the About Us and Learn More Button at reviews > settings > profile page

  • Send yourself a test request using Send Request option

Tint Wiz will send your review profile to the customers where they can click "Leave Review" and click through the site they prefer.

For customers who do not want to leave a review on one of those sites or do not have an account, Tint Wiz includes a "More Options" link so they can submit a review directly into Tint Wiz.

You can also add reviews into Tint Wiz yourself from reviews page.

Use PUBLISH option to include these reviews on your Tint Wiz Profile Page

Use FEATURE option to include these reviews on your Tint Wiz proposals

How to Setup

To activate automated review requests go to Reviews page from main menu and click Settings:

Once you enable review requests, make sure you add your review sites links from settings > review sites so your customers can post reviews directly to the one they prefer:

That's all you need to start sending automated review requests to your customers.
By default review requests will be created once an invoice is paid in full. You can change this behavior using "When to send the review request" option.
You can also customize the messages that go out from the same settings page easily.

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