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Adding Custom Fields to Lead Forms
Adding Custom Fields to Lead Forms
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Tint Wiz lead forms by default only has name, company, mobile, phone, address fields. We believe a lead generation form should be simple as longer and more complicated forms can be intimidating for customers. 

However depending on your business' specific needs, you may need different fields on your forms to collect information. Tint Wiz makes this very simple. You can add as many custom fields as you like easily from your Form Settings with a few clicks and key strokes. No knowledge of programming needed to build extensive lead forms with Tint Wiz.

Head over to one of your lead forms and click "Edit Settings" in "Lead Form" section to start customizing. 

Under Custom Fields section tap "Add New Field", select a field type and enter a label for this field. Your custom field is ready to go live. 

Custom Field Types

You can add custom fields with types: textbox, textarea, checbox, dropdown, radio 

Textbox and Textarea field types can be used to let leads enter information. 

Checkbox field type can be used to let leads select multiple options from a list you will provide:

Dropdown and radio types can be used to to let leads select one out of multiple options. Generally it is better to use radio type for smaller lists while dropdowns can save space on your form for larger lists.

You can also add titles and subtitles using the custom fields feature. These can be useful to divide your forms into sections and include instructions.

When a visitor fills and submits a lead form, pre-populated fields like phone, email, address will be automatically included in a new contact entry in Tint Wiz. All the entries to the custom fields will be listed under the  "Acquisition" section on contact overview.

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