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Adding and Managing Your Contacts
Adding and Managing Your Contacts
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Watch a Quick introduction to Wiz contacts and projects:

To add a contact (a lead, a prospect or a customer) navigate to "Contacts" from the menu:

On contacts page you can quickly search by name, phone number or address to find existing records on your app. 

Hit "+ Add New" to add a new contact.

There are 3 ways Tint Wiz can display contacts:

Person/Point Of Contact + Company:
Name: John Doe
Company: ACME Inc.
Result: John Doe (ACME Inc)

Person Only:
Name: John Doe
Result: John Doe

Company Only:
Name: ACME Inc.
Company: ACME Inc.
Result: ACME Inc.

  • Only Name field is mandatory for adding a contact. If the contact you are adding represents a company or an organization make sure to fill in the Company field too.

  • Mobile Phone and Email fields are used for in-app communications with customers. Make sure you have entered them accurately.

  • You can use "Search Address" box to quickly find an address and populate all fields or enter street, city, zipcode manually. If address search does not return a result or the result returned is not a complete address, fill in the street, city, zipcode fields manually.

  • Hit "Save Contact" to proceed.

Once you add the contact you will be redirected to the contact profile page. 

  • To update the address or contact details for a contact tap "Edit" button to the left. 

  • To link other contacts or add sub-contacts to this contact use "+ Contacts" button

Every contact you add manually (or you acquire via campaigns) will be listed as a "lead" on Tint Wiz. You will find a "New Leads" counter on your dashboard statistics area. 

Hitting the "New Leads" counter will take you to the contacts page filtered to show Leads only. You can also navigate to contacts page and select "Leads" from the type filter to see leads (contacts without projects) only:

Leads: These are newly added contacts without a project.

Customers: Contacts you schedule an installation with will be labeled as customers.

Dismissed: If a contact isn't going to be scheduling and no longer required to be listed as a lead, you can "Dismiss" her from your leads from the contact overview page:

Simply hit "Dismiss From Leads". You will be able to access to these dismissed leads later by selecting Dismissed from the contact type filter.

Of course you can easily delete any contact using the "Delete" button located below the contact overview:

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