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How to Add a Lead Generation Form to Your Website
How to Add a Lead Generation Form to Your Website
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One of the most powerful features of Tint Wiz is the ability of generating lead generation forms and embedding them on your website to collect leads right into your dashboard. 

  •  Head over to Lead Forms (formerly called campaigns) page on your dashboard and select a form. It is typically named "Default" when you first create a Tint Wiz account (You can create unlimited amount of forms FREE)

  • Scroll down to find "Embed Code" section and copy your embed code:

Tip: Tap "Edit Settings" on Lead Form section to customize the look and behaviour of your form.

  • You can now paste this code to a page on your website to go live with your lead generation form.


If your website is built on Wordpress CMS, simply create a new page and locate and existing page to paste your embed code:

You can now start collecting leads right into your Tint Wiz account. You will be notified with an Email when there is a someone submits your form.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you need assistance with setting your form up.

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