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Lead Forms Explained
Lead Forms Explained
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One of the most powerful features of Tint Wiz is the Lead Forms (formerly called campaigns). You can create unlimited amount of forms and collect your leads right into your app as contacts. You can customize your lead generation forms to embed into your websites and share on your social media profiles. 

To get started with your lead forms, head over to the Lead Forms page from the sidebar. Every business has a "Default" form created and ready to be used. Tap on the form name to view details.-

Every lead form page has an analytics section where you can see how many leads you collected daily, weekly, monthly, yearly as well as your share link and embed code.

Share link provides you a URL you can post on social media or email to your clients which allow them to submit their information directly into your app. 

Embed Code

You can simply copy/paste your embed code into your website html to display your  lead generation form to your visitors.

Once a visitor fills up and submits your campaign lead-gen form, you will be notified with an Email and an in-app notification. You can then start a project with her.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have trouble embedding your lead generation forms.

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