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How to Create a Canned Proposal and Use it in your Projects
How to Create a Canned Proposal and Use it in your Projects
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1) Go to Proposals page from the main menu and click Manage Canned Proposals link at the top:

2) Click Add New to start building a new proposal:

3) On the proposal editor, click Add New Solution:

4) Give the proposal solution a title, price and select a film type:

Alternatively you can use a canned service you have on the solution.

5) To add photos, documents, spec sheets relevant to this specific solution; scroll down to uploads box:

Drag & drop or click to select the file(s) you want to show on this solution and click Start Upload.

6) Confirm your files are uploaded and displaying correctly and review solution details then click Save Solution:

After your solution is saved you can repeat the steps 3 to 7 to add another solution for your customers.

7) Switch to Settings tab:

8) Add a name for your proposal to easily recognize it later, any notes for the customers to see at the bottom. If you are using an external self-booking system for your customers you can add an approval message button and link. Once the proposal is approved your customers will see this message and link to proceed to schedule.

Click Save Settings button to apply your settings.

9) Done. You can now start sending this proposal to your customers. If you want to preview the proposal you just created before sending it to a customer, click the down angle icon to the right of the proposal and select Create Preview Project:

10) Tint Wiz is going to create a test project with test data and display the proposal with that data:

Sending a Canned Proposal to a New Customer

On any project, locate the Proposal section and click Create Proposal and select the proposal you want to send to the customer:

After selecting, the proposal will be populated on the project instantly. You can click the proposal code to view the proposal or select "Send" from the menu:

On the next screen review the details to send and click Send Proposal to confirm sending it to the customer:

All Done. Your customer will receive an Email with a link to view and approve the proposal and your proposal status will show if the proposal is viewed.

Tint Wiz will automatically send a follow up Email for proposals that are not viewed after 24 hours. A followup email for approval will also be sent if the proposal is viewed but not approved after 48 hours.

When the customer approves the proposal you will be notified on your account Email and with a push notification on your mobile.

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