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Using Services on Projects
Using Services on Projects
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Most Wiz users offer multiple services like window film, ceramic coating, paint protection, detailing etc. Tint Wiz helps you keep track all your services and include them in your quotes and invoices properly. 

In any project overview you will see a " Services" section:

You can click "Add Service" to add a service to the project:

You can check "Save as Canned Service" to save this service to use later on other projects. For a future project when you want to use the same service, simply select it from the dropdown:

Tip: Similar to the measurements/tint applications You can leave the price blank if you are going to send a proposal for the project. The price will be populated from the proposal solution automatically at approval.

After adding/selecting your services you can simply invoice the project and your invoice will include a list of the services and the total price will be calculated for you.

Creating New Proposals with Services

We added a Ceramic Coating service (or selected it from the list) and entered "Ceramic Pro Gold" in the explanation.

Now let's create a proposal solution for this service:

When you create a proposal on a project that has services, you will see a "Service" dropdown on proposal solutions. Select a service then enter price. 

Make sure you selected "Allow Select Together" if you want to allow customers add this service to the rest of the solutions. 

You will now have Ceramic Coating service as an "add-on" on your proposal. Customers can either approve the tint job alone or add ceramic coating to their projects.

Canned Proposals with Services

If you save a proposal that has services as a "canned proposal" you will no longer need to select services on the projects you use this proposal. Your services will be added automatically for you.

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