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Working with Canned Proposals
Working with Canned Proposals
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With “Canned Proposals” in the Tint Wiz app, you can now save your proposals to quickly reuse them for other quotes.

Create canned proposals for any situation imaginable. Keep a cache of proposals for things such as good, better, best tint options, paint protection film, ceramic coating. Create an options for Sedans, another for SUV's and so on. You can also create "add on" options as an upsell opportunity in a proposal such as a + Windshield or + PPF, + Ceramic Coating ... absolutely anything and everything.

Reduced Response Times

When a customer inquires online, or calls for a quote, you can have that quote to them in under 10 seconds (via text message and email) with as many options and pictures as you'd like to include.

When combined with Lead Forms from Tint Wiz, web inquires go straight into your Tint Wiz account so you can click to send a proposal or call them in a couple seconds, instead of having to check your email, copy paste the info, etc etc. This means sending a quote is so easy, every one who contacts you can get a detailed quote to their phone and email in seconds.

Consistent Best Quoting

Craft canned proposals for all types of services and solutions ensuring that every time a customer calls or inquires online, they will get the best most beautiful detailed proposal with all of their options ... and it'll take less than 10 seconds for you to send each time.

Personalized Quotes

When sending a canned proposal, personalize the quote by adding pictures of a similar vehicle and customizing the notes. Then you can optionally Save that new custom version as an additional "Canned Proposal" to quickly send to future clients.

Basic Work Flow with Canned Proposals:

If you are not familiar with Tint Wiz proposals here is a guide.

To create a canned proposal, simply load any of your existing proposals and click Canned Proposal link then enter a name:

You can now select this canned proposal on any project:

After adding the proposal, click "View" from the dropdown to preview it. Use "Edit" option if you need to make any any changes and "Send" to send it to the customer via Email and SMS:

You can manage your canned proposals by clicking "Manage Proposals" link under proposal section on projects or from business configuration in settings.

Things to Consider:

  • Notes, Photos and files you uploaded to proposals will be saved in the canned proposal. Make sure your canned proposals does not include any customer specific content so you can re-use them without making any changes.

  • There is no need to build services on projects if you are going to send a canned proposal that has services (You can also save canned services to use them directly without proposals). Once you use a canned proposal, the services included in the proposal will be added to the project automatically.

  • Canned proposals can not be setup for partial projects scopes (different films for different rooms or vehicle application areas). But after using a canned proposal on a project you can edit the solutions to show partial scopes.

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