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Creating and Sending Proposals
Creating and Sending Proposals
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Tint Wiz makes it a breeze to create and send digital proposals (estimates/quotes) to your customers via email and text. Customers can conveniently view their proposals on all their devices (phone, tablet, computer) and approve. 

With several market researches we have performed through the years, we found that 98% of flat glass window tinting customers prefer a digital proposal they can view on their phones/tablets/computers and approve. Digital Proposals are superior to paper ones. 

Locate the "Proposal" section on a project overview page to start:

Proposals will show your business information and the customer's contact details at the top. You can set a logo to be displayed on your proposals on your business settings. 

Proposal Settings

Proposal management page is very simple and straight forward. On every proposal you have a "Proposal Settings" section where you can enter a proposal code and any notes to be included. You an also delete the proposal from this section. Tap "change" button to edit settings:

Show Project Scope: By default your proposals will show the measurements added to the project at the top:

You may uncheck "Show Scope" in Proposal Settings to hide the measurements. 

Proposal Solutions

Next you will see "Solution Settings" section where you will be able to input an offer/option the customer can select and approve. You can have a single solution on a proposal as well as multiple solutions customers can pick from. 

Film Type: Select the proposed film type for this solution. For your convenience we have populated all commonly used film types from the major manufacturers. 

Before Price, Discount, Price: Enter the proposed price for this solution. You can enter a Price then set a discount rate to let app automatically calculate the before price. 

For example setting the Price to $1200 and setting a discount rate at 20% like below:

Will result the price to show up like this on the proposal:

Show Scope: If you choose to hide the scope at proposal settings, you can check "Show Scope" option in a single solution to display a scope or a sub-scope for it. 

This is especially useful when you have multiple solutions with different scopes. The proposal solution with "Show Scope" checked would look like this:

Solution Description: You can also enter a title and description for each solution. Solution Description is a great place to briefly explain the solution and clarify what is included in the price. 

App will automatically fill in the descriptions for most window film lines:

You can use these descriptions as they are or edit them to your liking. 

Once you have setup the proposal as needed, locate the links at the top of the proposal page. Hit "View" to see what your proposal looks like and hit "Send" to send the proposal link to the customer. 

Sending Proposals

When you are sending a proposal you will often need to send to multiple people. Sometimes it may be useful to keep these people as contacts linked to the main contact of the project. You can accomplish this by adding a contact while sending the proposal:

Send Test: This button will send your email a copy of the proposal email the customer will receive. 

After making sure you have a properly formatted email address and/or a mobile phone number, hit "Send Proposal" to send the proposal. Customer will receive an email as well a text notification about this proposal. 

After receiving your email/text; customer can view his options, select the solutions as necessary, enter any notes he needs to add and approve. 

Once a customer views your proposal, proposal status will be updated to "Viewed". We recommend following up all proposals you sent after a certain amount of days to answer any questions your customers may have.

When one of your customers approve a proposal; You will receive an email and an in-app notification. Your project will now show the proposal as approved and emphasis the notes entered by the customer:

When the customer approves his/her proposal, the Tint Wiz project will be updated with the price, scope and the film types respectively.

You may now get in touch with your customer to schedule an installation. 

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