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Adding and Editing Measurements
Adding and Editing Measurements
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Almost all flat glass window tinting projects will require you to take measurements of the windows and note down requirements of the project. Tint Wiz makes it a breeze to take your measurements.

On any project page, locate the "Measurements" section, and tap "Edit Measurements" to start:

The measurements section is straight forward. You will first enter a room name and then tap on the room name to start adding measurements:

Next to each room / section name, you will see an "Unapprove" button which allows you to exclude rooms from your project without deleting them. Use the trash icon to completely delete rooms and all measurements in it.

Adding a New Measurement

Tap "Add Measurement" button to add a new measurement:

  • Photos: You can hit "Tap to Add Photos" to upload photos specific to this measurement. 

  • Type (required): Select the type of the measured item. Selectable options are window, door, transom, skylight, sidelight, wall and floor. 

  • Direction: Select the direction of this item inside the room. 

  • Panes/Quantity: Enter how many panes this item has. 

  • Width - Height: Enter the dimensions of the item in inches (imperial). You can only enter integer values in these fields.

  • Area: Area will be calculated automatically based on the quantity, width and height of the item. 

Work Orders

You can choose a film type for the measured item to be referenced during the installation. Note that if you make a proposal on this project and send to the client for approval, the film type approved by the client will override your setting here.

Additionally if your customer requires a break-down of windows in her quote, you can set a price on this measured item. This price will be displayed next to the item on the proposal. .

Notes/Instructions box is for any notes regarding this item. 

Hit "Save Measurement" and you will be returned to the room view with your new measurement listed:

To change a measurement, simply tap on it. 

To delete a measurement; use the "Edit" button to switch to the room edit mode:

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