Apple iPhone & iPad

Tint Wiz is available on Apple App Store. You can download and start using the app on your iPhone or iPad right away.

Alternatively you can use the web version on any device by logging in to your dashboard with a browser and creating an icon/shortcut.

  • First visit and login to app. 

  • On Tint Wiz dashboard, tap the share icon at the bottom of your screen.

Important: Make sure you are on the DASHBOARD and not on a different page on the app. 

  • In the sharing prompt, select "Add to Home Screen"

  • You will be presented a screen where you can edit the name and image of the new icon. You don't need to change these.

    Make sure the address shows and Simply tap "Add" to add the icon.

  • Done! You now have an icon for Tint Wiz app on your home screen.

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