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Setting up Approval Message and Link for Proposals
Setting up Approval Message and Link for Proposals
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If you are using a self-booking system like Acuity or Calendly, you can link your customers to schedule their own appointments after approving a proposal.

Approval link can be setup business wide, per canned proposal or per individual proposal.

Default configuration

To setup a default approval message and link for all proposals, business owners can go to Settings > Configuration and locate Proposal Approval Message section.

UPDATE (October 2022): If you prefer to redirect customers to the approval link automatically you can enable Redirect Automatically option. This option applies to all canned proposals if they have individual approval link settings.

Note: Customer name, email and phone will be appended to the Button URL as parameters. Most booking apps recognize these parameters. To disable this behavior, uncheck "Append Customer Information" from config.

Your customers will see this message when they approve:

Individual Proposals

You can override default settings by entering the same details from an individual proposals Settings

When you save this proposal as a canned proposal, the approval message and link will be carried over to the canned proposal.

Canned Proposals

When building canned proposals using the canned proposal editor; You can setup the approval msg & link in settings tab:

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