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Managing Your Business Notifications
Managing Your Business Notifications
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Tint Wiz sends notifications in-app, via email and push to business members when something signficiant happens. 

In-App Notifications

These are meant for users who don't like to check emails or get bothered with their phones ringing with push notifications.

You can quickly view the notifications inside your app with the purple bell icon at app header.

Then you can see a brief message regarding latest activity in your business in a color-coded in-app notification:

Push & Email Notifications

Some important notifications will also be delivered to your Email and as push notifications directly to your mobile app. These are typically for things that require prompt action.

Customize Notifications for Business

Tint Wiz as a window tint industry specific CRM application; will always provide you defaults that are optimized for tint businesses. However if you prefer to turn off a specific notification for your business or a single user, that's possible too.

Simply go to Settings (Under your profile pic at the top right of the app) and hit "Notifications" under your business setting topics:

In business notifications settings, you will find the notifications seperated in 2 groups. You can pick notifications that will be sent to Administrators regarding the activity in the app as well as pick the ones that will be sent to members for things that interest them. 


A proposal is approved by your customer. Tint Wiz by default will send a notification to all admins as well as the member who sent the proposal. If you would like the sender of the proposal to receive the notification but not all admins; you can turn off "Proposal Approved" notification for Administrators and leave "Sent Proposal Approved" turned on for Individual Members.

Customize Notifications for Members

Sometimes you will want a specific member to not receive a notification. To do this, go to "Manage Staff" in your business settings and hit "Manage" on the member you want to setup notifications for. You will see a "Notifications" button in the actions list. 

When you disable a notification for the whole business, it won't be customizable per user. So if a single member needs to receive a notification, turn it on for the business and turn it off for the members who don't need to receive it.

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