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Scheduling Appointments
Scheduling Appointments
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Tint Wiz has all the tools you need to schedule appointments with your clients easily and efficiently. You can create contacts and projects on the fly while scheduling and keep proper records of your clients without dealing with any extra steps.

You can access the scheduler by tapping the "Schedule" button at the top of your app panel: 

To schedule appointments on existing projects, hit "+ Schedule" button on the events section of any project:

Understanding the Scheduler Layout

Tint Wiz Scheduler displays the selected date (defaults to today) at the top left. You can easily navigate through the days using the "< Prev" and "Next >" buttons located at the right side. You can use "Today" button to return the scheduler to today's date.

Below the date and calendar controls you will see a set of "filters" you can apply to the scheduler. These filters are mainly useful for companies which has multiple employees and servicing a lot of clients daily.


We included 3 filters on scheduler to help you display a specific set of appointments on the calendar/map. 

Filters will be very useful for you when scheduling, especially if you are operating a window tinting business that has multiple sales reps or installers, servicing both cars and flat glass customers.

Project Type Filter

You can use Project Type filter to make scheduler only show appointments for flat or automotive projects. You can also choose to display mobile and in-shop automotive projects if your company provides both. 

Appointment Type Filter

Tint Wiz has 4 appointment types predefined for your convenience. 

  • Consultation: If your company offers visits for flat glass customers, schedule these as consultations.

  • Installation: Schedule your appointments to do installations.

  • Miscellaneous: If you need to schedule a followup visit or any appointment on a project that is neither a consultation or an installation use Misc. appointment type.

  • Other: Other appointments can be used to schedule appointments that are not  linked to projects, such as employee availability or pick-ups.

Team Members Filter

If you schedule only for yourself, this filter can stay as the default. If you have mutiple team members with appointments, you can use the filter to switch between displaying your own events (appointments) and all events. 

If your company has several team members you schedule seperately, you can use the team members filter to display them in seperate columns on the calendar. Simply select "Select Members" and mark the members you want to see on the calendar.

Select or Create Project

Existing Projects

If you are scheduling an appointment for an existing project you can search & select the project in the section that says "Select or Create Project". Type the name of the customer, phone, address or car make to find a project:

New Project

If you need to add a new project, Hit "+ Create New Project". You will be prompted to select or add a new contact:

Once you select the contact you will be prompted to select a project type. 

For residential and commercial projects you can choose to use the contact's address (if he has one) or add a new project address:

After you selected the address, app will display a marker on the calendar at the exact location of the address. 

For automotive projects, you will be prompted to select a vehicle make/model:

If the vehicle make or model you would like to choose is not in the lists. You can select "Other" and add the make/model manually. 

If this is a mobile project, check "Mobile Project" box to add the address. 

TIP: You can always add/edit the address or the car make/model later on project page.

To complete scheduling your project, simply select the date/time and the assignee (team member) you would like to schedule.

You can add any notes regarding this appointment in "Notes/Description for the assignee" field.

By default Tint Wiz will send sms and email reminders to the customer once you submit. You can set these by appointment using the "Notify Customer via SMS & Email" checkbox on the scheduler form. 

TIP: You can change your reminder/notification preference globally for all future appointments from your business config. 

After you hit "Confirm & Submit" the new appointment will be added to your calendar and you will be redirected to the project page.

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