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Inventory Overview
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You can access the inventory overview from "Inventory" link in main menu. First panel you will see is a summary of all film types in your inventory.

Tap "+Add Roll" to start adding your rolls.


Film Type: A film type is any film product that is available by a film manufacturer. Ever shade is a different film type. And film types can have different roll sizes.

Sales: How many projects are installed using this film type. Use this to sort your films by popularity.
​$ sqft: Your retail price for this film type. It will be used to calculate prices on your quotes. Please set this as your final price per sqft/m for this film.

Rolls: Quantity of rolls your business has of this film type.

Stock: Total amount of film you have available in your inventory for this film type. Excludes lost rolls.


Rolls tab includes a list of all film rolls in your inventory.

Film Types

Film Types tab indexes all film types in Tint Wiz. You can fin a film type to set fixed unit pricing for it here.

Tip: You can use the Print button at the top right to print your inventory summary.

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