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Film Roll Overview
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Film Overviews have the roll's inventory code at the top, followed by the original width and length of the roll. You may also see the status of the film (In for rolls checked in to inventory, Out for rolls checked out) right at the top.

In Summary section you can see the dimensions and basic calculations you may find handy regarding this roll. If you set a cost for the film, you can see the cost per sqft info too.

Notes & Tasks system works seamlessly for film rolls. You can assign tasks related to film rolls to your team mates from film roll overviews like you would on any other place in Tint Wiz. 

Check-In and Check-Out

Check-In means you are putting a roll into inventory. Rolls are added to the system as checked-in status by default. 

Check-out means you are taking a roll from the inventory. 

You will see a Check-In button for rolls that are previously checked out and a Check-Out button for rolls that are checked in. 

On every check-in our check-out you can enter what's left on the film and type any notes you may need to keep. 

Saving the new size of the roll will update the SqFt (Sqm) left on the roll in the film roll overview.

Delete or Mark As Lost

Deleting a roll should be rarely necessary as we recommend keeping records of everything in the app. Still if a roll record is not needed, you can delete it. 

Mark rolls as Lost whenever you need to disqualify them. Their data will be stored and once you check them in again, they will be available in the system.

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