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Adding and Managing Your Projects
Adding and Managing Your Projects
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Watch a Quick introduction to Wiz contacts and projects:

To start a new project head over to the projects page and hit "Start Project" button

When you are starting a new project; you can select a contact you have already added or add a new one easily by hitting "+ Create New Contact" link.

If you choose to create a new contact, you will be asked to input some basic contact details for the contact. You can easily add/edit these details later.

TIP: Refer to article "Adding and Managing Your Contacts" to get more information on contacts.

After selecting your contact, you will be prompted to select a project type. Choose Residential, Commercial or Automotive to proceed:

Residential and Commercial projects require an address. If your contact already has an address, you can leave "Use Contact Address" selected and move on. If you would like to add a different address for this project, Choose "Enter Project Address".

Once you hit "Create Project" your project will be created and you will be redirected to the project page where you can handle all aspects of your window tinting projects.

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