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Managing Your Notes and Tasks
Managing Your Notes and Tasks
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One of the most powerful features of Tint Wiz is the ability to manage your notes and tasks attached to your customers and projects. 

Adding a note is simple. Go to a project and scroll down to the "Notes" section and hit "+ Add New Note":

Keeping notes is a great way to eliminate mistakes and loss of information. But the real power of Tint Wiz notes is the ability to "assign" them as tasks to other staff members.

Which is as simple as adding your note and checking "Create Task", you can then select a member to assign and done!

Tip: Assigning tasks to a specific member is optional. You can leave the assignee setting empty which will put the task in "pending tasks" list. Pending tasks works like a "task pool from where a staff member can "TAKE" tasks. 

Let's say we assigned this task to Jevon. Or Jevon went into the pending tasks and took the task. He will see the note as a "task" on his dashboard:

He will also get notified for tasks assigned to him:

When he taps through his notification, he will see the task and which project it was related to. He can simply click through the project to see all the details and complete the task:

Once he completes the task he can simply "CLOSE" it to get rid of his alert on his dashboard:

That's all you need to start managing your notes and tasks the wiz-way! 

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