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Sending Invitations to Your Team
Sending Invitations to Your Team
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Give your team members their own Tint Wiz accounts to speed up communication, eliminate mistakes, and increase accountability on every aspect of your business. 

Important Notice: Do not send staff invitations to 3rd parties, independent contractors, or any person who should not access your business data.

Tint Wiz utilizes an invitation system to add new members to businesses. This makes sure every member has a valid email address and can recover her password if necessary. 

Sending invitations to your employees/staff members on Tint Wiz is easy. Go to Settings and select "Manage Staff":

On the Staff Members screen you can see a list of your current team members and pending invitations. You can also delete a staff member from your business using this screen. 

Tap "Invite New Member" to create an invitation for an employee:

Enter the full name, email address, and select the new role of the new member, and tap "Send Invitation" to proceed.

All Done! Your employee will get an email at the specified address with a link to register and necessary instructions. 

You can return to the Staff Members panel to remove an existing invitation and/or re-send it. To resend an invitation simply delete the pending one and add the invitation again.


  • Only business owners can invite new team members to your business.

  • Invitations will grant the owner of the email address to access your business data, make sure you are not sending invitations to wrong Email addresses.

  • If your staff member does not receive the invitation email, please check the email you used to invite for any typos and then instruct the staff to check his/her email spam folder.

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