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Troubleshooting Login Issues
Troubleshooting Login Issues
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If you are unable to access to your Tint Wiz account or having an error message trying to login; please review the following information for a possible solution:

  • Refresh the app

In most cases a simple refresh can fix issues.

  • Reset Your password

If you don't remember your password, You can reset it by clicking here

  • Logout and Re-login

Click the "Log out" link in the upper-right menu of the app and close your browser / app. This will clear your previous session, which may have been causing the login problem. Once your browser / app has shut down, restart it and try logging in again.

  • Clear your browser's cache and cookies

If you are using IOS or Android app, remove the app from your device and install it again. Most login issues can be resolved that way.
On desktop computers Tint Wiz login screen includes a "clear session" link that can be used to delete all cookies app uses. This link can resolve some session/cookie related issues.
Your web browser stores copies of pages you visit and other information in its "cache." Sometimes this stored information can cause login issues. Links to instructions on how to delete your browser's cache and stored cookies are provided below. Once you have deleted your cache and cookies, close and reopen your browser and try logging in again.

If after following the steps above, you continue to have problems logging in, we recommend that you switch browsers or computers. That will help isolate the issue to a specific browser and computer setup.

If you cannot log in from another browser or computer, then please contact support to let us know about the problem.

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