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How to create Documents and send them for signature
How to create Documents and send them for signature
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Contracts and services agreements are essential business tools for professional business relationships. Without clearly defined and agreed contracts all sorts of problems can occur.

Tint Wiz provides a simple way to create documents, include them in your proposals/invoices and send to customers for signature when necessary.

1- To add a document go to Documents from the main menu and click Add New

2- Enter a title for the document to make it recognizable in the system later. Use the WYSIWYG editor to type and design the agreement. Documents can be created for care instructions, agreements, contracts, warranty etc.

You can also set sending settings for the documents here. When you send a document for signature to a customer from a project, you can choose to show the full customer details and require the customer to fill in their full name before signing and submitting.

When you're done click Save & Preview and preview the document as a customer would see it:

3- In this view you can also "copy" a public link for this document to include it anywhere you need. To preview the public link click View and to download a PDF version click PDF button at the top right.

This public link does not allow signing or show any customer details. Using public links can be useful to share care instructions and terms and conditions with customers. For example you can include a document public link in your proposal extra fields from settings > configuration:

IMPORTANT: PDF Download links are not public and would only work inside the app when you are logged in. Only use the public view urls when you need to share documents.

4- To send a document for signature to a customer, go to the relevant project and locate the "Documents" section:

Click Send button in Project Documents section and select a document (you can also create a document from scratch at this stage too)

You will be presented with the contents of the document. Document contents as you send them will be stored along with customer's signature in the system so changes you do on the document contents when sending to a customer will be only relevant to this project and particular send:

Once you hit "Send for Signing" your customer will receive an email with a link to sign the document.

Clicking through the "View and Sign Document" button, your customer can sign and submit the document:

When a document is signed you will be notified in the app:

You can see the details of the document by going to project and clicking on the document in the list:

The document along with the Customer's signature will be stored on the project in Tint Wiz

If you would like to download and archive a PDF copy of the signed document, click "Download Signed PDF"

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