Tint Wiz is an all-in-one CRM and Project Management App focused on window tinting businesses. If you own or operate a window tinting company you probably tried a bunch of project management apps to help with your day-to-day operations and none of them seemed like a correct fit for you. 

CRM Applications are typically built to be used by companies of all industries. This makes them unnecessarily complicated and bloated with too many steps to learn and teach to your employees. 

Tint Wiz is specifically built for window tinting companies. We have been in the window tinting business since early 90s and we have developed a proper work-flow that will eliminate mistakes and improve your efficiency and profitability. 

Here is a list of key features of Tint Wiz:

  • Add lead forms on your websites and social media pages to gather leads into your app dashboard. Send a quote and schedule in a few seconds without copy/pasting anything.

  • Manage all your business contacts and your flat glass, automotive and mobile tinting projects on a simplistic layout that focuses the necessities of window tinting business.

  • Schedule consultations and installations with your customers quickly and efficiently using a map and a calendar. Send SMS and email notifications to your customers about their appointments.

  • Record all your tasks, notes, photos, project files on a single place for easy reference. Keep all your team communications in one place.

  • Record your measurements for flat glass projects. Get instant insights on job scopes to quote more accurately.

  • Manage your film inventory with a ground-breaking weight-based system. Print labels for your rolls.

  • Create beautifully designed quotes/proposals with a few clicks and send via email/sms to your customers. Allow your customers to approve the proposals online and send you their notes regarding their projects.

  • Invoice your customers with a single tap of a finger. Send beautifully designed invoices via Email and SMS. Sync your invoices with Quickbooks Online directly . 

  • Get detailed analytics for all your operations and daily/weekly statistics of your company right on your dashboard. 

and more...

If you strive to make your business efficient and properly organized like us, you will LOVE using Tint Wiz. 

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